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Conducting business online is the future. With increasing mobile and internet penetration, consumer demand for online shopping has peaked. While it has unlimited potential, if not done right, it may lead to some negative experiences.


As Finance meets Technology, it is the ‘Uber moment’ for the financial industry. With growth in Mobile Money, Online banking,etc, it carries the potential to redefine the entire ecosystem of global financial services.

Retail Efficiency

One of the fastest changing and growing industries, the retail sector is however 60% unorganized. There is constant pressure for controlling costs while enticing customers. Thus keeping focus on developing technologies to increase efficiency.

Data Analytics

In the age of Big Data, Data analysis is a key aspect in understanding and driving businesses forward. Accessing data isn’t hard but the key issue is identifying the needed data and segmenting them to more efficiently target the right consumer.

Channel Marketing

To widen end consumer reach, reduce cost, expand market and improve efficiency, sellers have to tie up with other businesses rather than selling through only one channel. New businesses with similar ethos as that of sellers is identified and dealt with for optimal results.


A website or an app is more than just how beautiful it looks. The key focus should be the efficiency of its interface design that allows and empowers your users to solve tasks faster and in better manner thereby increasing customer satisfaction, productivity, sale and reducing cost.

Online Laws

Launching and running an online business may seem a world away from the bureaucratic red tape and the stringent regulations that govern the sale of products and services. However, in the absence of ecommerce specific laws in India, it is important that you are aware of these restrictions so you’re not breaking the law.


Driven by factors such as availability of funding, consolidation activities by a number of firms, evolving technology space and a burgeoning demand within the domestic market has led to the emergence of startups. Moreover, with Central Government’s entrepreneurial drive, startups are getting a big boost.

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