The Trade Secrets of Online Brands


In this age of digitalization, online shopping has almost replaced traditional ideas of going to shops and purchasing a product. For a product to become a brand it needs to connect with the mind of the consumer and offer irresistible services and usability.  As Jeff Bezos, of Amazon says, “Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room”, it is important to deliver a brand experience that is qualitative and that customers can swear by, for it to work out. So, what are the reasons, the secrets, that make an online brand successful?

Demand for the product: The first thing that makes it really work is a demand for a product in the market. A detailed analysis of the needs of the consumer make such discrepancies in the market apparent. This will help you work in a systematic and methodical manner that allows maximum optimization.

Newness: People don’t always like “old wine in a new bottle”, it is obvious therefore that people like seeing things that are refreshing. Newness can be in the look of the website or new features.

Innovation: Innovation is when you take an old product and add something to it to make it a completely new and never seen before commodity. Innovation comes in the form of ideas, services or products. They usually have a sense of risk to it as you never know if the consumer will find it innovative or not.

Creating an Identity: Every brand needs an identifier. This helps the consumer connect and recollect the brand. An identity can be in the form of a mascot or a color palette or the overall feel of the brand. An example is the red soles of Louboutin. Any consumer will see red soles on shoes and immediately remember the brand.

User-friendly website: People don’t like complicated interfaces, so it is best if the user experience is kept at an easy level. Complicated steps and things like cluttered fonts and design can be a great hindrance. The design, use and feel of the brand should be simple and easy to use.

Availability of App format: Nowadays Apps are the rage and everybody likes using them. Apps, are a quick access to any website. It hastens the process of brand experience. However, having only an app for a site is a bad move. For example, when Flipkart decided to make Myntra only available as a mobile app, its popularity and reach greatly suffered.

Easy to purchase: If the product is something that can be bought in exchange of money or points, then the entire buying process should be kept as simple as possible. Going about in a complicated manner and having unnecessary steps makes the job cumbersome for the customer and this can result in the customer not choosing your brand and website.

Quality customer service: When a product is offered, then there will be feedback. Having a sincere and receptive customer care services goes a long way in mitigating grievances.

Integrated marketing strategy: Marketing and advertising a brand is very important as this is the step where your brand is presented in front of the consumer. Marketing can be in digital, print, or AV format.

Clear future goals: Having clear guidelines about the future of your brand helps in keeping the focus point set. A comprehensive plan about the do’s and don’ts required to make your brand successful.

At Globbering we help you come up with innovative and fresh ideas that help your brand grow in a sustainable and profitable manner.

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