You have an idea? What do you do next?


“It’s not about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen”.

From time to time we all have ideas, but only a true entrepreneur thinks of how he or she can make that idea happen. Even Google was just an idea at one point of time and now we can’t imagine life without it. The important thing about having ideas is having the zeal to make it into reality.

Think about all the angles: It is important to address all sides of the idea. Evaluate your idea in an objective and analytical manner, leaving no scope for any flaw to be looked over. Think of who the target audience is and why your product is better than what is already available in the market. Having a rough business plan will make the task easier to fulfill.

Get feedback and consolidate it: Talk to people who are already in the market and have knowledge of the business model and the competitors. These people will help you understand what works and what doesn’t in the real world. Talk to your intended customers as well and get their opinions. Once you’ve learnt all that is needed, make the necessary changes. Understand how much you need and build a capital, team and basic implementation plan.

Build a basic working model: Your final product may be a slick design with lots of features, but strip it down to the bare minimum. This is what you need to start and impress your core target audience. Build it quickly and as inexpensively as you can.

Launch it: Now that you have a basic product is ready get it to the market as fast as you can.

Unless you have the product out in the market, you are flying blind and cannot be certain about the reception your product will receive.

Test it and make adjustments accordingly: Once your product is out in the market, you can understand the discrepancies between what your offering and what the customer needs. You will also be able to understand what features you have got right and work on improving your products bases on that.

Get a team or outsource: After creating a working product, the next thing would be to expand and to create a team of like-minded people. This will take some responsibilities off your head and help you compartmentalize and focus.

Get investors: If you want your business to grow then you need funds. Unless you have unlimited resources at your disposal, you will need an investor who believes in your vision and would like to grow with it and make profit out of it.

Come up with a marketing strategy: You need to let the customers know that your product is available and therefore, you need a solid marketing plan. You can advertise online or even spread it from person to person.

Solve any problem that may arise: By now you have a pretty detailed idea about what works and what doesn’t work. Plan things out in detail and see how to mitigate the difficulties that you are facing.

Plan ahead: Be proactive and plan the future of your business or product. Talk to your team and see how you can plan the road ahead. You have your basic business model see how you can now reach its zenith.

At Globbering we help you make these steps that are taken after the inception of the idea, easier. Not only do we help you and plan and execute your idea, we give you monthly reports about the progress. No dream is too big at Globbering. If you dream, we get it done.

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